Mission Statement
Will to Win Foundation supports advancements in amateur sport, particularly tennis, for the benefit of young people and their communities. Young people who display key fundamental aptitudes are equipped to develop their purpose in life through exploration of sporting interest. Investment in sporting activities which are conventionally firmly established in local community life results in personal fulfilment for individuals and greater social  cohesion. As an individual realises her/his existing sporting skills, develops potential and increases in self-confidence, the community and also  wider society benefit from their greater involvement. Tennisforalife is inclusive and seeks to maximise the scope of its influence via its support of  young people in sport/tennis. This is often in the setting of communities which are socially (and economically) disadvantaged who benefit greatly  from the delivery of sustainable services to the community. 
Will to Win Foundation LTD is a non for profit organisation, all profits will be fed back into the business to help talented individuals reach their potential via funding to allow participation in chosen sport at all levels.
To promote community participation in healthy recreation in the interest of social welfare by providing support and assistance for the coaching and playing of tennis and other sports as a means of improving health. In furtherance of these objects the charity will in particular, but not exclusively:
• Award grants to projects demonstrating a well-documented plan showing how communities and individuals will benefit from sport
• Develop sports facilities which compliment other educational and humanitarian needs and can be justified as desirable for the community
• Provide equipment to enable participation and personal growth via tennis and sport
• Award grants for sports instruction for talented individuals and to those from under privileged backgrounds
Steve Riley - 20 years experience developing public tennis
Nick Wellman - 25 years as the CEO of a multinational company
Faye Andrews - 20 years tennis and PR experience
  Registered Charity Number: 1147881
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